Lessons of a Biker Mom

Lessons of a Biker Mom

So maybe that title deceiving. Our four year old learned to ride a bike three days ago and he's... dare I say... OBSESSED. Time, I didn't know I had, is now jam packed with biking around the neighborhood with him. I'm talking 3-5 times a day and he's begging to go back out every other second he's not on two wheels. After the thrill of his first few rides, reality set in and it's been a first thought, second thought experience.

First thought (FT)- Comes without intention.
Second thought (ST)- Crafted with intention.

Here's a few from this bewildered biker mom:

FT- Please STOP asking me to watch you bike.
ST- His passion is inspiring, how can I nurture it?

FT- Don't do that it's dangerous.
ST- He's a kid, kids get hurt when they are learning new things.

FT- Can we go home now?
ST- He's not on a screen and we are both getting fresh air. Win. 

FT- How soon can he bike around town without supervision?
ST- These years are precious. Treasure his absolute perfection as a four year old filled with JOY on his bicycle.

FT- Anyone else wanna take him biking?
ST- I get to take him biking. This is a privilege. 

Some people live their entire lives stuck in their first thoughts. I refuse that existence. Who knew thinking would take so much work? The good news is that once you start paying attention it gets easier and easier. 


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