The sweetest moment of my day.

The sweetest moment of my day.

How can you choose just one moment?
It's ridiculous right?

BUT there is this one moment that catches me off guard and melts my heart every single time. 

My almost (in 2 days!!!) 4 year old goes to preschool 4 days a week. We live only 3 houses from the school, so we walk down in the morning as the sun is just getting serious about warming things up. This morning we were marveling at the sparkle of the frost on the field and leaves.

I love my kids, but the moment that melts my heart is after I've dropped them both off and I'm walking back home. 

There's a dad and a son. Every morning Dad gets out of the car and comes around to the sidewalk. He crouches down so he's at eye level and talks to his son while he holds his shoulders or cheeks. Then, standing tall, he watches him walk into the school for the day. When he's talking to him it's like they are the only two people in the world, like he's put up a force field all around them, and for just a few moments they only have each other. Then he kisses him goodbye and their day apart begins. 

The first few times I saw this I made up all kinds of stories in my head about what they were saying, and what kind of relationship they have. Now, after many mornings and a few brief words with Dad, I simply let it melt my heart and remind me that LOVE is all that matters.

LOVE is trust.
LOVE is boundaries.
LOVE is security.
LOVE is consistent.
LOVE is magic. 

So what does this have to do with the model?

Simply bringing deeper awareness to the experience gives me a stronger foundation. When I take the time to observe at a deeper level, the likelihood of integrating this magical moment into my day is much higher. I don't have to run the model every time, but taking this deeper look just once, triggers the power of the moment every morning when it's gifted to me. 


"The Model"- a Brooke Castillo process, with an Amanda Kingsley twist...

- Drop off observation

- “LOVE is everything.”

- Peace, calm, joy, presence, hope.

- Carry on my day from a foundation of LOVE.

- Everything I do, is now more meaningful, and thus more effective.

ASK (Is this in alignment with my WHY?)


The Model applied for realignment: 

No need for realignment, simple awareness is sometimes all that's necessary.


What can you take note of and bring increased awareness to?


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Believing in YOU,

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