Who am I?

I’m a lot like YOU:


I believe that some things in life pick us…

That’s exactly how I feel about my abortion.

I don’t just think abortion picked me to teach me a lesson. I believe that my baby picked me so that I could do this work, so that I could help other women find the inner peace and strength I was able to access before, during, and after my procedure.

I refer to my pregnancy as the “immaculate IUD removal”. It’s like a character in my life story. We’ve become best buds, and our work together is all for YOU. We want you to feel what we feel. We want you to never look back with anything but admiration for yourself. We know it’s possible, because we chose it for ourselves, and we’re pretty special, but no more special than YOU. If we were able to find our wings to freedom we know you can too.

Life Coach School Certified

I certified with The Life Coach School because I wanted to learn from the BEST in the industry. I didn’t just want to coach women, I wanted to show them their superpowers. Before certification I graduated with a degree in Women’s Studies from UMass Amherst, and attended midwifery school with the Seattle Midwifery School. I practiced 3 full years as a doula attending over 50 births and have essentially committed my whole life to women’s health in one way or another.

I see now, it was all for YOU.

All so I could do this work.

So I could show up as my absolute best self for YOU.

I’ll never stop learning. Every single day I’m discovering and sharing new tools with my people. YOU are my people. If you are ready to find your wings and fly, I am ready to show you exactly how to turn your abortion into one of your greatest strengths.