Making Meatballs in a Heat Wave

Making Meatballs in a Heat Wave

Guess who has the oven and the
air conditioner running in the same room?

Me that's who, but.... it's not exactly by choice. I did choose to make meatballs in a heat wave, but that's because someone left my freezer open for 24 hours in nearly 100 degree heat and we ended up with a lot of thawed food.

When you are living paycheck to paycheck a freezer full of raw food throws a lot of curveballs into the game. We had to toss a whole bunch into the trash, have been eating things we don't want for a few days, and have gotten creative under the pressure to make the most of a less than desired situation. This evening I made 5 pounds of meatballs to be refrozen for future meals. 

There are so many things I could write about from this situation, but the biggest hurdle I overcame, was letting go. There was absolutely nothing I could do about what happened so I focused my energy where it was better served:

  • Recognizing that in the big picture this was a little problem.

  • Focusing on solutions.

  • Feeling the feelings and letting them pass.

  • Believing that everything happens for a reason.

In my life coaching work I help my clients focus on forward momentum by leaning into their WHY word. I use both questions and affirmations to trigger next actions that are in alignment with their WHY words. Coaching myself through a freezer full of raw food looks something like this:

  1. What's the thought I am having about this situation?

    "We can't afford this kind of loss in groceries."

  2. Is this thought in alignment with my WHY word?


  3. Based on my WHY word, what do I know to be true, that would serve me to think about instead?

    "I can choose to release my frustration and GROW, or harbor my frustration and feel yucky.

  4. What WHY word question can I ask that might trigger a next action I feel good about?

    "If I chose to GROW, what would I do next?"

  5. What's my next action?

    "Make meatballs in the heat wave! Which means the next time we eat meatballs (which are my sons favorite food) it will be from local grass fed meat instead of prepackaged mystery meat."

AHH..... now that feels better and tastes YUMMY!

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Believing in YOU, 

Amanda Kingsley

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