What's a "WHY"

What's a "WHY"

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The WHY has become so super duper important to me that I have literally structured my entire life around remaining in touch with my WHY.

I have a few concerns with this hip and trendy word though:

  • As a buzz word it has a tendency to be overlooked.

  • It can be intimidating.

  • It is sometimes confused with a purpose, passion, goal, and or mission.

Let's address these:

  • Don't be mislead by you resistance. I know the word "WHY" is saturating the personal development world, but I promise you, it's with good reason. When we live our WHY in practice, life feels GOOD. We feel present, productive, and peaceful. How can it get any better than that?

  • It's only intimidating if you make it that way. One of the reasons that I believe so strongly in the WHY is that I've found a way to simplify it down to ONE simple but powerful word. 

  • In my definition, your WHY cannot be confused with a goal, purpose, mission, or passion. 

    • Goal- "the end toward which effort is directed" -Merriam Webster
    • Mission- "a preestablished and often self-imposed objective or purpose" -MW
    • Passion- "a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity" - MW
    • Purpose- "something set up as an object or end to be attained" -MW
    • WHY- "for what cause, reason, or purpose" -MW

The WHY is the fuel for these other things, but it shouldn't be confused with them. The WHY allows you to achieve your goals, fulfill your purpose, enjoy your passion, and complete your mission. The WHY is connected directly to you your life force. It's your golden center.

Now let's find yours!

Don't fret here. You can try one on for size and change it anytime! In fact it's perfectly normal for your WHY to evolve with you and your current state of development. 

See if you can nail down just one word that identifies how you want to feel. It may or may not be possible to feel this in every moment of your life and that's ok. The goal is that you can use this feeling word to find your way back home to your WHY. It will bring you back into focus when this get foggy. I suggest watching the video below or reaching out to me for a FREE session to understand better, but see if you can identify one word by pondering the following:

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Some answers might include: joyful, peaceful, present, capable, blessed, curious, confident...

In different situations you may use different forms of the same word. As an example my word is FREE.

I want to feel FREE.

I choose FREEDOM. 

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I apply this by asking myself questions like:

  • Where can I find FREEDOM in this situation?
  • What would this look like if I were FREE?
  • What would I choose if I were FREE to choose anything?
  • What will lead me closer to my FREEDOM?
  • Where is the FREEDOM hiding?

These questions bring me back to focus when I feel: sad, frustrated, tired, angry, annoyed, etc... They are my grounding force.  In conjunction with Brooke Castillo's Model they keep me on track and available to live the life I want to live.

I even have a handy dandy tool I use to stay on target and reconnect with my WHY. It's based on the 5 categories I believe to be most important in life: health, wealth, love, community, and self-expression. You can learn more watching the video below or tuning into a LIVE event.

Want more detail?

Still don't know your WHY?

Know your WHY but still not sure how to apply it?

Prefer a video explanation?

I've got you covered!
(just press PLAY)

What would it feel like to simplify your WHY down to one word?

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