The BONES of the 'Being MOM' blog

The BONES of the 'Being MOM' blog

Being MOM: life as it is

In my 13 years to date, I'd say parenting has come naturally to me. Most of my peers would likely agree that I'm doing a decent to above average job at it. 


Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful for my strong maternal instinct, but let's be clear, this doesn’t mean I always want to show up.


Unlike other things I am good at, but don’t always want to do like: exercise, eating well, or meditation, parenting is non-optional. I can either do a pretty good job, or a crappy job, but either way I have to show up.


The thing about being naturally good at something is that it’s hard to explain how you do it. Without being able to explain the how, you can come off like an egotistical crazy woman saying things like “follow your gut, listen to your heart, or this too shall pass”. These things tend to trigger others to get cranky. 


About 6 months ago, I discovered *Brooke Castillo and it completely changed my life. Just this week it hit me that one of the reasons I love Brooke so much is that she has given a system to what I naturally tend to do. Her work has pulled together that of many I admire and simplified it down to a duplicable process she calls "The Model". The Model is in alignment with the Law of Attraction, but in a very concrete and woo-free way. 


The Being MOM blog is dedicated to sharing Brooke's Model in application to parenting and all the parent-y things that come along with the job. It's simply a peek into the way I think and process. My goal is that this space gives you a place to reflect on the hows and whys of your own life and give you some tools to actively sculpt the life you desire. I am by NO means an expert in this work. I am literally doing it alongside you and sharing my story. 


The bones of The Model look something like this and each week as I share my experience I hope you'll understand a little better how it can and will change your life when integrated and applied:


"The Model"- a Brooke Castillo process, with an Amanda Kingsley twist

Based on the understanding that your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your actions, and your actions create your results. Change your thoughts and you change your results.


- (something that's happening in your field of awareness)


- (the thought this situation triggers for you)


- (the feeling this thought triggers in you)


- (the action you take when in this feeling state)


- (the result this action creates, which is usually in line with the initial thought)


- (Is this in alignment with my WHY)


You can open any of the following blog posts to better understand how I apply this process of dissecting my situations, thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.


Comments private messages and all forms of interaction are welcome and encouraged. It is my hope that for the right people this will become an online weekly safe space for those who resonate with my processing.



Believing in you,


*Brooke Castillo is the founder of The Life Coach School; her work is a combination of some AMAZING teachers, and the way she simplifies it is a gift to the human race. If you want the full low down order her self-coaching book, sit down with a highlighter, and keep it like a bible in a holy spot in your house.

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