You Don't Need to Read the Whole Book

You Don't Need to Read the Whole Book

If there's a book on your radar, but you aren't sure you have time to read it, I say "GO FOR IT!" Pull it off your shelf, borrow it from a friend, or head the the library because reading just a few pages of an amazing book shifts everything!

If you are like me you might get intimidated by the magnitude of reading a whole book, and not want to start if you can't go all in, but one thing I've learned over and over again is that it's often just a few quick pages that change everything for me.

This week it was 'How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen'. I bumped into it at a thrift store in perfect timing for the 4 year old tantrums we'd been facing. When I opened the book I was totally overwhelmed. I felt like I was doing everything wrong and quite frankly didn't have the desire to correct myself, but I kept poking around. I opened a few different chapters, read a total of maybe 10 pages, and set it back down, but apparently those ten random pages were enough because everything started shifting. 

I didn't need the whole book. I didn't need to relearn everything I'd ever known. I didn't need to make any radical changes. Most notably I didn't need to be hard on myself. I just needed a few pages of good reminders and zero pressure to perform in any particular way. Now I'm parenting differently, showing up more present, and feel like I absorbed a whole new source of patience. All from 10 pages in a $1 thrift store find.

So whatever is on your reading radar, dig in and see what happens. It might be exactly what you are looking for.

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p.s. It doesn't just apply to books; it applies to: podcasts, blogs, courses, programs, livestreams... take a tiny bite and see what happens.

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