Making Room

Making Room

When the clock came around to 2018 something shifted and shit got really real for me. Then I turned 39 in March and we kicked it up to a whole new level with the first ever Women, Wine, & WHY retreat. As the year quickly moves forward I'm integrating new lessons, manifesting new visions, and getting more and more clarity about how I can be of service in the world. 

Sometimes clarity comes in the letting go even more than the adding on. This weekend I let go of two things that I love to make room to focus on things I am even more passionate about right now. This letting go can be really hard. For me it's one of the biggest challenges I face across all spaces in my life. But no matter how difficult the letting go can be, it inevitably makes room for the most amazing sense of relief and allows for growth in new places. 

This week's blog is short an simple. I ask you. Where can you let go of things that are no longer in your best interest or the best interest of the community at large? 

Send me a message and I'll either support you as you take the leap or celebrate with you if you've already made the change. Let's have a letting go party!

Here's how I do some of the work:


  • Thought:

- "I love it too much to let it go."

  • Who does this thought belong to?

    - The scarcity driven me.

  • What purpose does this thought serve?

    - Keeps me comfortable in what I already know instead of opening doors to new discovery.

  • When am I ready to release this thought?

    - Now

  • Where do I need to put this thought next?

    - Let it fly free

  • Why am I giving this thought power?

    - Comfort almost always feels easier than change.

  • How can my WHY and or purpose lead me to my next action?

    • My WHY is GROWTH.

    • GROWTH asks me to remember that in this abundant world there are lots more things to love and give attention to.

    • GROWTH reminds me that even though it's hard to let go, it's in the best service of the greater whole to not grasp onto something just because it's comfortable there.

    • GROWTH says, "Let go and tap into the abundance that awaits in the new space you are creating."

This work is EVERYTHING.


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