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What is Life Coaching?

  • A life coach works with a client to help her understand and analyze what she is doing in her cognitive, emotional, and behavioral life.

    • After a series of sessions it’s possible and likely that a client will be able to coach herself moving forward.

    • I coach my clients to lives amazing lives after their abortions. To be the best employee, the best best parent, the best lover… the best possible version of themselves.

  • A life coach holds a safe space for a client to expand her perspective on the past, present, and future.

    • A life coach maintains a judgement free space, and holds no agenda for her client.

    • I hold space for my clients to explore their abortion and their life goals with a new perspective. One that gives them the strength and courage to move forward with power from a place of inner peace.

  • Life coaches believe that treating the cause of the pain will eventually eliminate the need to treat the symptom.

    • Some of the most common symptoms that arise from abortion are: depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, overwhelm, regret… Understanding the root of these releases the pain.

    • I coach my clients to redefine and release unnecessary pain and to see what now feel like their weaknesses as strength that will carry them where they want to go.

How is life coaching different than Therapy?

  • Most therapy is past focused.

    • Coaching with me will focus on your future and what you want it to look and feel like.

  • Most therapy is centered around retelling and reiterating. In coaching we believe that this trains the brain to keep thinking old thoughts.

    • While coaching with me will decide how to retrain your brain for a new desired reality.

  • Therapy sometimes leads to diagnoses and medical treatment. Coaching assumes you are fully capable of using the tools that you have to build a different life for yourself. It is suggested that anyone with a clinical diagnosis should be treated by a medical professional. Coaching can be a powerful additional tool to therapy.

What might a session look and feel like?

  • The first focus in a life coaching session is always on understanding what’s happening in your mind as you are. When time allows we move on to exploring new ways to use your mind to reach your goals. The understanding always has to come before the future planning.

  • As a coach I will come prepared with something to discuss, but clients are always welcome to come with a presenting problem.

  • It’s my job to lovingly tell you what you need to hear to grow, not what you want to hear to feel comforted; many times the two are the same.

  • My only agenda in any session will be for you to understand your mind in a way that leaves you feeling empowered. Sometimes the understanding feels intense or uncomfortable, but it is the foundation from which you can take back control of your life, own your abortion, and live to the fullest!

  • I LOVE celebrating with my clients! Almost every session includes some exciting celebration. Witnessing your growth brings me great joy.