It’s time to ditch the abortion stigma

I help women process their abortion so that it becomes
a pillar of their strength rather than a point of their weakness.

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Are you willing to believe that your abortion didn’t
break you, scar you, or taint you...

No matter what “they” say,
I know you didn’t choose this.
I know you aren’t an abortion junkie, a plan b popper, or a clinic groupie.

You’re human, and being human is complicated.

Sometimes it sweeps you off your feet
and sometimes it knocks you to your knees.

Being human means we don’t always get to pick our circumstances,
(unplanned pregnancy isn’t an item on our to-do list)
but we do get to pick our results.

You get to decide how your abortion defines you.

You don’t have to hide your abortion anymore;
you can OWN IT!

It can be the fuel that feeds your fire.

Get ready to build your beautiful new life:


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One of my dearest friends and mentors taught me
that human beings are herd animals.
When she said it I was confused.
What she continued to explain
was that we’re not meant to do this life thing alone;
we’re better together.
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Life coaching helps you see, accept, and take the necessary steps toward LOVING YOUR LIFE,
abortion and all.
The accountability is like safety net;
the new perspective is like a breath of fresh air;
and the life skills launch you straight into
the life of your dreams


Start With 5 Quick Tips

Attention to five powerful things,
guided me to OWN my abortion
and take back control of my life.
No matter what you’re here to do in this one precious life, I know you are capable of more than you’re experiencing right this minute. You might not see it yet,
but I know exactly how strong you are.


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