What if you didn’t choose abortion…
What if it it chose you?

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Millions of women have tucked their abortions
into tiny pockets of their past.

Some are wishing that if they keep it in the dark long enough
it will shrivel up and disappear.

Others wake up every morning checking their sleeve,
praying that their abortion hasn’t taken shape as their scarlet letter,
marking the shame they feel, for everyone to see.

Some have embarked on the never ending search for the safe places,
the spaces where they can be all of who they are,
no filters, no censoring, no more hiding.

The thing about about abortion,
is that it sculpts us each in it’s own unique and clever way.

What most of us don’t realize is that we are the sculptor.
Politics, protest, religion… they have no power over our own mind.

The thoughts we choose to think about our abortion
are the fuel that makes us or breaks us.

My job is to show you all the sneaky ways your abortion is breaking you,
and help you sculpt a new path,
a path that MAKES YOU.

Makes you stronger.
Makes you wiser.
Makes you take back your life with verve and vigor.
No more hiding.

Shout your story from the rooftops
or let it be your secret weapon…

What you do with your story is up to you;
my job is to show you how to
take back your power.

From there you live your very best life.

“After enduring two pregnancy losses (one miscarriage, one abortion),
I was at a loss and searching for answers everywhere.
I reached out to Amanda after reading a beautiful article she wrote for Mothering,
and she not only held a space for me to grieve and express myself,
but also challenged my thinking and pushed me to grow into my own healing light.
I am forever thankful that the universe brought us together.
If you want to learn how to turn your deepest sorrows into your greatest strengths,
then it’s time the universe brought you to Amanda, too.”
— E.P.

If you’ve been looking for freedom,
this program is for you.

One step at a time I walk you through the exact steps I took to

These are the same life coaching steps that have
helped thousands of women take back their power.

They are simple,
and accessible to ANYONE.

They start in your mind,
and end in your future.

They are the wings that give your abortion a way to fly free.

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This 6 week program is for you if:

  • You feel alone, like you are the only one who understand everything happening in your mind and your heart.

  • You are ready to talk about your abortion with someone who believes in your bright and beautiful future.

  • You’ve been trying to put your abortion behind you, but now it feels like a tag along gremlin.

  • You haven’t found relief regurgitating your story over and over again (to yourself or others), and you’r ready to see your abortion with new perspective.

  • Timid or not you are ready to see yourself in new light. The kind that infuses you with possibility and compassion.

It’s not for you if:

  • You are COMMITTED to beating yourself with clubs guilt, shame, and or self-hatred.

  • You are so busy bashing the pro-life movement that you can’t see the pro-YOU movement that is the ticket to your peace.

  • You don’t want to feel the feelings. Exploring your abortion through a life coaching lens, stirs up the feelings; if you’d rather they stay boxed in, this work will be less effective.

Amanda’s professionalism allowed me to let go and drop into the discovery process.
In what felt like a very short amount of time, lightbulbs began to go off for me
and I began to make perspective shifts. I think this is very exciting work!”
— J.L.