Maia's Story

Thank you to Maia and all the women who vulnerably and openly share their abortion stories. Every time we speak light into our story we lessen the stigma and give more women access to safe care and healing.

Audio Notes:

  • Maia from Vancouver Canada loves: all things conspiracy theory, true crime, sci-fi, travel, nutrition, podcasts, audio books, and yoga!

  • Knew in her core that this was the right decision.

  • Wanted to hold space to become a mother when the time is right.

  • Made her decision out of love for her child.

  • Had a vision before her abortion of her child as a little boy who she got to meet and treasure. This vision ended up helping her in her grieving because she had a clear picture of grieving the loss of her little boy rather that grieving the event itself.

  • Wasn’t expecting the amount of grief that she experienced. It came in waves and was a full body experience.

  • Experienced a lot of intense physical pain during and after her surgical procedure.

  • The Yoga Wave app prenatal yoga was effective in bleeding reduction and pain relief. Red raspberry leaf tea was also helpful in recovery.

  • Her abortion gifted her the understanding of yoga in a brand new way.

  • It also taught her about boundaries, self-care, and relationships.

  • Abortion brought her closer to her partner, who was her “rock” throughout her experience.

  • “What could have beens?” allow her to remember and work through her feelings to heal.

  • Grounds herself into her body and out of her head to manage anxiety.

  • Finding connection and support is key to healing.

  • Abortion has helped her find more compassion for herself, and allowed her to experience and allow her feelings.

  • Healing is different for everyone and includes varying lifestyle choices.

  • For women making the choice whether or not to have an abortion, accessing your power center and learning to trust your body and heart will help you decide what you already know.

  • Creativity allows you to transform through the experience.

  • Good nutrition and lifestyle will allow you to heal both physically and emotionally after an abortion.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Blueberry- an abortion baby

Blueberry- an abortion baby