Don't Use (reads the sign now on my dishwasher)

Don't Use (reads the sign now on my dishwasher)

Oh my Feng Shui....

Many of you know that I work intimately with a co-coach in a partnership we call Connected Growth Coaching. Jen is a Feng Shui Ninja and I am a Life Coach Extraordinaire. We make magic happen together.

My experience in applying Feng Shui is that sometimes the magic doesn't look like magic right away. Sometimes it looks like broken appliances. The last time I went all in Shui style on my bathroom my washing machine broke, WTF, except the break led to me manifesting over $40,000 into our family cash flow, so who's complaining. Not me!

Jen and I are running a free 5 Day Thrive Challenge this week and that means I'm going all in on my kitchen. I'm not even kidding you, within hours of a deep clean and intentional space awareness my dishwasher started leaking. Like really leaking. Husband lying on the floor shaking his head at how ridiculous the situation was, not just one leak, but 5 or 6 leaks. A total mess from any outsider perspective. 

But I'm a life coach and I've had enough Feng Shui experience that this put a little smirk on my face. Curiosity came flooding in and while old me would have gone into scarcity mode: "we don't have money for this", "why now?", "this is awful", new me is all over curiosity: "well this is interesting", "I wonder what's next", "there's a lesson or a treasure in here somewhere."

I have no idea what will come of the whole dishwasher situation, but I do know that it feels a heck of a lot better to be curious than scared. I'm gonna stick with it, keep taking action, and hope for the best. In the meantime I'll be doing lots of dishes, glad I bought those dish gloves last week.

What can you get curious about?


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Is This the Most Important Thing?