Light up the World!

Light up the World!

I went to an all school assembly at my daughter's school this week. She stood up on stage for a fire stick performance. Pretty darn cute, and when she told me afterwards how nervous she was I was SO proud. I love that the kids have this opportunity to conquer stage fright in such a safe and playful way. 

Walking in the hall this sign caught my eye:

"Smile so bright,
you can be seen from outer space." 

And of course my reaction was "HECK Yeah" and a great big smile.

THESE are the lessons I want my children to learn:

  • Stand up on stage even though you are shaking.


  • Smile so bright, you can be seen from outer space.

We live in a big crazy world and we have a choice every single day to stand out and share what we're good at with a great big smile, or to retreat into someone else's dream and hide in the darkness. 

You have a choice!

  • A choice to be the best nurse in the unit.

  • A choice to leave the most students inspired.

  • A choice to coach the most clients back to health.

Whatever you do, you have a choice to do it BIG, BOLD, and BRIGHT.

What will you choose?

Here's how I do the work (this work is about upping the game):


  • Thought:

- "When I act brave and smile BIG, I light up the world."

  • Who does this thought belong to?

    - Me! but there's also a HUGE connection to the human spirit light is naturally BRIGHT.

  • What purpose does this thought serve?

    - It brings me joy and spreads that joy to others.

  • When am I ready to release this thought?

    - NEVER- I like this one. 

  • Where do I need to put this thought next?

    - Out into the world through my action.

  • Why am I giving this thought power?

    - Because brave, joyful, light is the best kind of power to have.

  • How can my WHY and or purpose lead me to my next action?

    • My WHY is GROWTH.

    • GROWTH asks me to keep going, be braver, be bolder, act bigger.

    • GROWTH reminds me to SMILE more because for any of the goals and dreams to come to fruition, I must choose joy first.

    • GROWTH says, "the way through fear is light."

This work is EVERYTHING.

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