Let’s dive a little deeper:

How to feel your feelings (9min):

  • Your feelings are a part of who you are. Get curious and keep exploring them.

  • Acknowledge the feeling: Where do you feel it? What does it look like? How does it move or not move?

  • It takes time and energy to ignore or hold back your feelings.

  • You get to feel anything you want to feel.

How to ditch the “what ifs”(4min):

  • Looking back with “what if” regret is not serving you or anyone around you.

  • Living in the past expends energy you could be using to build your future.

  • Consider growth minded “what if” questions

How to stop looking back (2min):

  • Past Focused: victim mentality, blame, regret, self-judgement, weighed down, evidence based thinking

  • Future Focused: imagination, creativity, possibility, learning, change, growth

  • Do you want to be a past or future focused person?

How to believe (4min):

  • Our belief is our greatest power

  • You can create a new life with your beliefs

  • Believe in the ends story of what’s possible and let the how reveal itself after


How to start sharing your story (5min):

  • Start by telling yourself your story

  • Learn how to tell your story in an empowered way

  • Your primal brain says “stay safe” “stay quiet”

  • If we can’t tell our story then who are we?

  • Look for the safe places to start sharing or create them yourself

  • Love what you’re seeing and hearing but not sure you can apply it on your own? 

  • Looking for safe community?

  • Need someone to help shift your perspective?