As a goal-oriented person, I find Amanda’s coaching to be sublimely refreshing. Before, I walked in circles of vague ambition, but now I see precise steps toward specific objectives. My hopes for my future are no longer distant, but right in front of me. Amanda is a goddess of future dreams and present contentedness!
— K.B.

I am Amanda Kingsley, mother, writer, coach,
and woman on a mission.


You landed here by clicking
"Who is Amanda Kingsley?"

Let’s just imagine that that automatically connected us in a real life conversation?

We could sip coffee
and get to know each other:

-What lights you up?

-What struggles keep you up at night?

-What do you want more than anything in this one precious life?

We would probably laugh, cry, and wonder how we’ve
only just now met and connected in this way.


Maybe someday we’ll have that conversation,
until we connect otherwise here’s a tiny slice of my story.

We probably have a lot more in common than you think. I've learned a lot and I am ready to share in all the ways I know how: blogging, podcasting, social media, and most powerfully life coaching.

I know what it feels like to be scared, frustrated, and lost in the survival shuffle. I know what it feels like to want more and have no idea how or where to find it. I remember gazing at happy successful people and thinking, "They must have something I don't; they must know something I don't; I'll never be like them..."

You could say that I hit rock bottom before I took my leap of faith. What I thought was the heart of darkness actually gave me the courage to keep going. My driving force is my belief that women hold the key to our peaceful futures. Authentic and courageous women will not only make an impact in their own social circles, but ripple out a huge social shift.

Maybe you are one of those women.

There are women all around the world who have been looking for the door that leads to their freedom. These women have bigness inside; some of them will share it loudly and with vibrant passion, and others will make quiet shifts that will forever change their lives.

I know there's a passion in you, even if it feels hard to find right now. Perhaps it's more than one passion, maybe it changes weekly, monthly, or every few years. This passion is LOVE, you feel it when everything falls into place, when life feels like it’s flowing right through you. Even if you can't always find it, I promise you it's there. It makes you who you are, and YOU ARE PERFECT. I know that when you find and nurture the LOVE inside of you, your light will shine so bright that others will be magnetized to your glow. I know that your dreams can come to fruition.


If you are ready for a vibrant and purposeful future, you came to the right place.
I've been waiting to meet you.



For those who remain curious, here's a little more about me:

Things I make a priority:

  • FAMILY- 3 kiddos and a hubby, awesome parents,
    and close friends who feel like family

  • GROWTH- "if you're not growing, you're dying." Tony Robbins

  • HEALTH- mind, body, spirit, space

Three words I use to describe myself:

Creative, Driven, Optimistic

Three words other people use to describe me:

Kind, Motivated, Loving

Things that make me smile:

-watching other people light up


-really good ice cream & really good fries

-blue skies & majestic landscapes

My wish for you-

That you remain curious,
never give up,
and always be surrounded by people who see your magic. 

My wish for me-

That I can move through this life holding space for growth
-my own and those around me.

My wish for us-

That no matter our choices or our circumstances, we honor and respect one another for doing the best that we can, in the moment we are in, with the tools that we have.

My favorite ways to connect:

coffee dates and car rides
-the best conversations happen one on one
or in small groups; am I right?!

social media-
it's fun stuff and allows me to be simultaneously introverted and extroverted 

as soon as I became a mama,
the value of text conversation sky rocketed! mamas in the house, you know what I mean


Most importantly
I'm just like you!
Maybe we're at different stages and on different paths, but our souls want the very same things:

To live purposefully,
and have a whole lot of
fun along the way!

HIVE jumps.png

From smiles across the street,
to life changing relationships,
connecting with others makes life feel better.