Are you ready for something to shift?

Are you waiting for your knight in shining armor?

Are you praying for relief?

Are you ready to live your JOY again?

Amanda Star Kingsley
A.S.K. - Amanda Star Kingsley

A.S.K. - Amanda Star Kingsley

I hold space for women to bring awareness to their thoughts
so they can:

  • Live both peacefully and purposefully

  • Feel nourished so they can nurture their families

  • Understand their health: mind, body, and spirit

  • Reconnect with themselves so they can connect with others

  • Redirect their thoughts so they can reach their goals

But first I help them
UNVEIL their
one word WHY
in a simple,
100% effective process.

“I actually can’t remember how I got through life without a WHY....
this was a grueling work week, and somehow I feel light. " 
~Kiah Tinkham

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A.manda S.tar K.ingsley

A.manda S.tar K.ingsley

“I had my first session to find my WHY with Amanda and was struck by how thorough the process was, how clear the direction became, and how Amanda’s professionalism allowed me to let go and drop into the discovery process. In what felt like a very short amount of time, lightbulbs began to go off for me and I began to make perspective shifts. I think this is very exciting work!” Jessica Larkin

Amanda Kingsley