"The stronger the WHY;
the easier it is to FLY"

but we can't just know our WHY,
we need to LIVE it!

Your Golden Center


6 Modules
6 Weeks
Lots of Tools

It's a

a one on one experience that will forever change you.

"I'm an ambitious, entrepreneurial mother and that often leads to feeling more like an overwhelmed scatterbrain. I'm only halfway through my very personal work with Amanda's 'Live your Why' program and it has already deeply affected my awareness of what I'm really after as I live my life. Amanda helped me discover my WHY as a single word that is both comforting and inspiring and whenever I breathe it in or out, it works a little magic. Your WHY is about feeling better, empowering your choices and decisions, honing your love and compassion for yourself. If you ever find yourself wanting in any of those areas, discovering and working with YOUR WHY may be what's been missing. " T. M.


Have you ever bought a course, book, or membership thinking it would give you everything you needed to take your next steps, and then found yourself stacking it in a pile or adding it to the dusty bookshelf, because what you really wanted was the author to walk you through each step?


I have!


That's why it was so important for me to create this program in a way that gives you ample opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and apply the content directly to your life.

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Who is
Live Your WHY

  • Women who LOVE growth

    -Perhaps you've heard the term "WHY", but have never known how to find yours. This program is for you!

    -Perhaps you have a "WHY", or think you have a "WHY", but it's not really fueling you the way you would hope. This program is for you!


  • Women who feel stuck- they know there has to be more to life than shuffling kids or papers around, but they have no idea where to find it, or how to apply it. 

    -Maybe you want to make a change, but you don't feel solid enough to take the leap. I'm here to catch you.

    -Maybe you don't really want anything to change, you just want it to feel better and live more vibrantly. These tools are sure to help.


  • Anyone driven by curiosity. 

    -There are NO prerequisites to start. I believe that whether you're a lifelong student of personal devlopment, or you have never thought about hiring a coach, this program will add value to your future for many years to come.

    -If you are still reading it's likely going to be for YOU... but let's take a deeper look.

Live Your WHY

What does
Live Your WHY

Week ONE-

The WHY Action Plan

Week TWO through Six-

(overview below)

The work:

We meet week one for an hour, then 30 minutes each week following, by video conference. We review your week's AHAs, perspective shifts, and growth.

In between and after-

All course participants will have one on one access to me by email or Facebook message during the nine week period. Joining an optional Facebook group will give participants access to both me and other members of the group for inspiration, questions, and community. 

You can expect an interactive workbook, thought provoking questions, new perspective, and more tools for the tool box.


Module ONE

Unveil Your WHY


Did you know your WHY can be as simple as one word and has the power to completely change the way you make choices in every moment of your day?

I believe that your WHY is your life fuel and together we not only discover yours, but we find ways to weave it into your busy life.

Module TWO


When we can explore our health through the connections that link our physical experience to our emotional experience, we start to make choices that completely change the way we live our lives. 

In this module we'll take a closer look at how you can understand your own health through traditional 5 Element Philosophy. 

Module THREE

Uplevel Your Thoughts


No one thing has changed my life as much as understanding the reality that our thoughts are the key to sculpting the lives we desire to live. 

In this module we will begin to explore your thoughts and dig into simple tools that will allow you to choose and sculpt your thoughts for the rest of your life.

Module FOUR

Ask and You Shall Receive


The quality of your questions lays a foundation for the quality of your life. Lots of gurus will tell you this, but what does it really mean and how can you apply it to improve your quality of life.

Together we dig in, learn to listen, and get really good at asking questions.

Module FIVE

Master Your Money Beliefs


I use the term 'master' lightly here. Money beliefs are like limiting beliefs in that as soon as you get a hold on one, the next one pops in and asks for attention. 

Together we start to explore how you can identify and unravel some of the beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your next financial goal.

Module SIX

Power of Your Intention


Intention can change a mundane chore to a powerful tool. It's what makes the difference between surviving in your life and thriving in your life. 

We'll look deeper at how you can experience your everyday in a whole new way with purposeful intention. 

Then we tie it all together in a pretty bow and keep in touch as we both carry on with our amazing lives.

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you ask.

The Value- 

Immeasurable. What you learn has the potential to change the rest of your life. 


The Price-


You could see that as $100 a week, or a lifetime of perspective shift. Both are true, the choice is yours, and I know you'll make the perfect one. 

Giving Back


One of my many dreams is to work with young girls, ages 18-22, to inspire them to open their minds and hearts to life-long personal development. I know that women hold the keys to our future and the earlier they step into their power the better. 

As a thank you to YOU, a commitment to our young women, and a gift to me, I'm GIVING away one FREE slot in this program to a young woman, age 18-22, for every month my three paid slots are filled. 

If you are a young woman between the ages of 18-22 and are interested in joining the waitlist for this scholarship program I look forward to hearing from you!

If you know a young woman who would be a good fit for this program please fill out this form and I will be in touch about paying forward this program gift. 

If you would like to donate to this scholarship fund to support even more young women to step into their power, please fill out this form, or donate directly at the link.


Thank you!

Giving Back