I found Alphay International after I had my third child. I spent 14 weeks on bedrest at the end of his pregnancy, and after a life well lived this experience was rock bottom:
fear, confusion, anger, blood tests,
oncology offices, hospital stays... 
I wouldn't wish it on anyone. 


It gave me all the courage I needed to say "YES" to the thing I swore I would never do- Network Marketing.
I was in a whole new headspace after his birth. I was raw,
and open for
major life changes.

Circle Lingzhi.png

It was the uniqueness of the product that sold me. I'd heard of medicinal mushrooms, but I had no idea where to start or who to trust. I'd also heard great things about Chinese Medicine. Alphay International was both and every cell in my body said "YES" ... "GO HERE." With an 8 week old baby two kids and a business I couldn't return to operating for months to come (birth doula practice), I was ready to make money from home by taking the leap. Long story short,
it was the best decision I've ever made.


This leap into network marketing completely changed my life, gave me back my passion as a woman of purpose, and turned out to be quite a profitable business, with a steady income and 4 FREE vacations in just a couple of short years. I fell head over heels in love. 

The business was remarkable and perhaps more notably, the product was a GAME CHANGER for my family:

-no more prescription inhalers

-no more allergy meds

-improved sleep

-happy tummies

-boosted immunity

-mental clarity

-restored sleep

-headache relief

-PMS management

-skin improvement

-and so much more!

We take these products daily and recommend them to friends and family looking for natural wellness solutions,  the medicinal and DELICIOUS coffee is to no surprise the biggest hit of all!

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I maintain my Alphay business for a
few of reasons

  1.  I LOVE residual income and I love my team, even if it's not my full time gig.

  2.  I LOVE the product!!! and can't imagine our life without it.

  3.  I LOVE the mission of the chairman to get lingzhi mushrooms in everyone on the planet and redistribute wealth more equally.

If you'd like to join my team send me a message and I'll give you the scoop on how to best build a business, right now my teammates are earning a trip to Australia! 

If you want to order the amazing products, they are just a click away, or if you'd like guidance on what's a best start for your body, let's connect for a quick consult.

A little bit of the Alphay fun

I've learned in time that life is full of surprises and you just never know what's around the corner. Turns out that despite all my love for this company, there were more life passions headed my way: life coaching, and additional streams of income with a health technology company, and a social media start up. I LOVE all of these things for different reasons and although it's unconventional to maintain more than one network marketing company, it works for me and for my family.