We’re in this together.

The only difference between us is that I found my way out.


Do you feel lonely or isolated? Are you sick of hiding?

After my abortion I felt so alone. Even with supportive friends and family, I felt alone. I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. I wanted someone to come in and make it all go away, or at the very least least make it feel better.The world outside my bedroom felt volatile and dangerous, but life goes on and hiding wasn’t an option.

I know you know the feeling.

I trudged through my days continuing to work and parent, and I cried alone in bed at night waiting for my knight in shining armor to make all the icky feelings disappear.

He never came, but she did.

She looked just like me, only braver and wiser. Turns out I was my knight and shining armor. I was the source of the inner peace I longed for and all I needed to see that was a trip down Life Coaching Lane.

Have you ever considered that it’s possible you could be the hero of your own story?

No matter how many people said nice words, or gifted me a hand to hold, all the healing I was looking for was right there inside of me. Everything I needed to do to pull my life back together was in my own head, and life coaching was the tool I used to see clearly again. With Life Coaching as a guide, I was my own ticket to freedom, and now I get to get to help you be yours.

I’m not any different than you, I’ve simply arrived at a different place, a different headspace. No matter how far from freedom you feel, I promise you, everything you need you already have.

What you’re looking for is someone to show you the way.

I’m here to help you find your
wings and fly.

Life After Abortion

Strength After Abortion

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