Women, Wine, & WHY
an overnight retreat


As requested I am opening a waitlist for those who would like to join the next one night retreat. By joining that list to your will be among the first notified when thewinter 2018 date is announced.

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Looking for rest, rejuvenation, and community?

I can promise you, from the depth of my heart and soul, that this 24 hours
will be unlike anything you've ever experienced. 


You will leave with:

  • The clearest understanding you've ever had of your WHY,
    the driving force for everything you do

  • Tools to better manage your personal and professional life

  • A new sisterhood of like minded women

  • A nourished mind, body, and spirit

  • An invigorating breath of fresh air in your lungs and warmth in your heart

  • A gorgeous self created piece of art that reflects your WHY
    and will forever remind you of your experience high in the rolling hills of Colarin

  • A professionally taken digital image of your beautiful self with your gorgeous new art

  • A professionally taken digital portrait that expresses your brightest light

  • and memories to last a lifetime.


I know you're ready to sign up,
but let's take a little deeper look:

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WHY workshops

Not only will we circle together for an incredible exploration of the WHY and all the ways it feeds your soul and fuels your existence, we will dive into how you can take away what you've learned and apply it to your life back at home.

Logistically this will look like 2 long and invigorating workshops; one upon arrival and one before departure. Both led by me and infused with love from us all.



This is when we get crafty! After our WHY exploration we'll dive into a physical expression of our WHY, allowing our vision to flow through our hands.. Artist Kiah Tinkham will guide us through the creation of an embroidered piece of art that represents our WHY word. 

Artist bio:

Kiah is a creator at heart. During her days she works as the preschool director at a local K-8 private school. She's friendly, fun, and full of inspiration!


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Photographic Capture

There's nothing quite like a photo to remind you of a special time in your life. That's why this weekend will include photography by Julie Sonntag, who will both journal our experience AND take solo shots of you, both with your WHY art and without. You'll receive digital copies of a few favorite group shots from the retreat, and two solo shots to treasure forever.

Photographer bio:

Julie's ability to capture the beauty of the human spirit will take your breath away. She is a kind and gentle soul, with a talent for the arts. 

Your experience will ALSO include a

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30 minute massage

with Erica Travis, LMT


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Morning Yoga and Mediation

also with certified Erica Travis

All of this PLUS a bed for you to sleep, vegetarian dinner, wine, and breakfast at the beautiful and private High Pocket Inn in Colrain Massachusetts.

to be announced
(winter 2019)


How can it get any better than this?

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(because there is so much awesome to absorb here):

  • TWO, 2 hour. life changing workshops

    • Value $200

  • Personalized art project with provided guidance and materials

    • Value $60

  • Take away digital images of your experience

    • Value $60

  • 30 minute Massage

    • Value $60

  • Group Yoga class

    • Value $15

  • Dinner, Wine, Snacks, Breakfast

    • Value $60

  • Sleeping arrangements

    • Value $80

  • Total Value

    • WELL OVER $500

  • Your Price

    • Only $397


Due to sleeping arrangements this event is limited to 7 guests. It will be an intimate and heart warming experience for all who are ready to take their lives to the next level. You'll never be the same,
and I'm quite positive that's a good thing. 

We must fill all 7 seats to run the event.
If you register and the 7 seats are not filled, you will be fully refunded.

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