“I had my first session to find my WHY with Amanda and was struck by how thorough the process was, how clear the direction became, and how Amanda’s professionalism allowed me to let go and drop into the discovery process. In what felt like a very short amount of time, lightbulbs began to go off for me and I began to make perspective shifts. I think this is very exciting work!” ~Jessica Larkin



The WHY- Action Plan Call 

is the perfect life coaching call to discover your one word WHY and learn how it can support you in living a better life.

Identifying your one word WHY is like re-discovering
inner light you forgot you had.

It’s like tapping into a never ending source of fuel.

Your one word WHY is the source energy
you’ve been looking for.

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This is the call for you if you are looking for:

  • clarity

  • vision

  • inspiration

  • and connection to your golden center.

It includes:

  • 60 minutes of my full coaching attention through video conference; including the discovery of your WHY word and an exploration of thought work that will change your life

  • a personalized WHY word survival guide

  • and messenger access to me for support in implementing your new WHY into your life.

All for:

  • $197 

  • and a lifetime of new light in your life.

It's GO time!


What are others saying?




"Today things turned around immediately during a powerful call with Amanda Kingsley as we explored and defined my "why" -- the feeling that drives everything I do. It was amazing. I'm beyond grateful for her support and wisdom."

~Maggie McCraken





Representative at  Radiantly You

Representative at Radiantly You



"Thanks again for reminding me of what is right in front of me.  I love the idea of letting my WHY serve me in all areas of my life.  I sometimes get so focused on serving others that I forget to serve myself so that I can fill up again."

~Amy Brookes