Even the most well planned abortions can leave us with feelings that we didn’t expect, and consequences we could never have anticipated.


If left unexplored these can do a number on us, even years later:
lack of self-confidence…

Abortion is a major life event and whether you’ve had one or many,
the post abortion experience is different for everyone.

It’s my belief that all women have the ability to extract strength from their abortion experience, no matter how simple or complicated it felt at the time.

Imagine if your abortion was:

the reason you treasure life,
the catalyst for healthier relationships,
the source of confidence in your decision making,
the fuel you use to leave a legacy in this one precious life.

My nine week 1:1 coaching program takes women on a journey through many layers of their story, but not everyone is looking for that kind of deep dive.

That’s why I created the Sixty-Minute Single Session specifically to help women boost up their confidence and take back their power.

If abortion is a part of your story,
why not make it mean something that serves you?

During this call you will:

  • Have an opportunity to tell your story.

  • Learn tools for deep inner healing.

  • Understand how to extract confidence you didn’t even know you had.

  • and reclaim the light within you that has been begging to shine again.

The Sixty Minute Single Session is only $97.

Book today and breathe a little lighter tomorrow.

Strength After Abortion