5 ways to own and rock your abortion

Take one, or take em all.
Whatever you choose, it’s time to take back your life!

Feel your Feelings (1).png

Decide that no feeling is off the table and allow them all to move through you: sadness, anger, shame, pride,
power, courage, joy, hope…
If you are feeling it,
IT MATTERS. Notice it, own it, learn from it, and don’t let anyone tell you what’s right or wrong. Your abortion, your way.

Feel your Feelings (4).png

Stop thinking that 7 more layers of contraception, a healthier lifestyle, or a different partner would have made any of this different than it is. And if you can’t let go of the “what if” story completely, start asking

“What if it’s all happening for a reason?”

Feel your Feelings (3).png

You made a decision, and now it’s time to set your sights on the future you made your decision for. Regret is a waste of precious time and energy, and reflection is only meant to be gazed into for the purpose of growth. Living in the past, serves no one. Living in the present with an eye on your future changes you and it changes the world.


Life happens. Women get pregnant. Sometimes we can see exactly how it happened, and sometimes we just keep shaking our heads in disbelief. No matter how painful or confusing your pregnancy and abortion feel, you have the option to believe that there was a bigger plan. God, Spirit, Universe…
doesn’t matter who you believe is running the show, but leaning into faith for relief can be deeply healing.

share your story

Human instinct can make us want to hide. The temptation to lock up your story and all its associations can be quite strong. This is totally normal. You want to stay safe. Exposure feels threatening, but hiding is likely to eat you alive. Start with a journal, tell a friend, hire a therapist, or a coach like me; take it slow or go all in, either way you’ll find the relief absolutely refreshing.


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